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Covid Perihatin Raya Set : Cleanser + Moisturiser + Serum + Organic Hand Sanitizer

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Cleanser + Moisturiser + Serum + Organic Hand Sanitizer

Moisturiser :- Discover Our Rare And Precious YuzuWhite Moisturizer Cream. Formulated To Provide Luxurious Moisturizing Experience.

Cleanser :- YuzuWhite Toner Serves To Cleanse And Tone The Face. It Has The Ability To Lift Off The Face’s Residues. Pampers Your Skin, An Ideal Way To Start Your Day.

Serum :- Yuzuwhite Cleansing Gel, Helps To Refine And Brighten The Skin For An Energized Complexion. Works To Soothe & Moisturize The Skin.

Organic Hand Sanitizer:-Merolz X-GERMS Hand Sanitizer Kill Bacteria And At The Same Time Hydrate And Nourishes Your Skin. It Contains Organic Aloe Vera And Jujube Fruit Extract